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what do you mean by odd moves?
All sort of small thing. Atemi is always done with a fist, with the middle finger slightly upward from the others. Which makes no logic to me, 'cause when you hit someone in the face, you chance a great risk at actually hurting yourself. I've always done my atemi either by open hand or with the knuckles of both the middle finger and forefinger. Then there are odd places to put your arm, like in one technique I had to straighten my arm horizontally when I was grabed by the shoulder. He told me that it was to balance me, but I've done it a million times before without the arm straight and I felt no difference in my balance. It just confused me more from the technique I was going to perform.

Then there was sankyo which really bothered me 'cause when taking the sankyo hold, I was to place my hand (holding the sankyo) on chest and bend slight forward. The technique worked great and it was actually easier than the last one I had learned, but this also placed uke's elbow an inch from my jaw. Very disturbing thought to get your jaw crushed when doing sankyo. There we also others, but I'm not gonna list them all. You got the picture, yes?

what style does this new teache practice?
I actually didn't catch it. We didn't even discuss it. I didn't want to bring it up in our first practice together. But when we all were discussing the rebuilding of the club there were several mentionings of something called Mita Organization. Ring a bell?

they are always encouraged to go check out at least a couple of dojo's before they choose.
There are three actually in my home town. One is our, one is the one that teaches Aikikai and one is... Well, not sure what they practice 'cause I never got to know them. I think I rule them out since they don't seem to like me, or anybody from our club that is. I'ce heard that this relates back several years before I even started practicing Aikido.

look upon both dojo's with an open mind
That's actually a very good advice. Of course I'll be then paying annual fee for both dojo, but I guess I'll manage

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