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Adam Alexander
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Re: intimidation

Daniel Loughlin wrote:
what is the best action to take if someone is deliberately trying to intimidatte you eg staring etc
and is defiinitiely looking for trouble
and how can you help stop yourself becoming intimidated by them
What can you do? When someone's like that, they're just looking for someone to drag down. Do you want to be a hood-rat who let's his eye off the prize because some loser is baiting you?

I found that the more I trained, the less people were able to intimidate me and the less I cared about them trying to do so. The more confident I became in my abilities, the less I felt the need to defend them.

I think that if I were in your shoes I'd acknowledge to myself that I was afraid and that it's okay to be afraid. Acknowledge that the person who's trying to intimidate you may very well be better than whatever. I found doing that is amazingly freeing.

Now, if you're like me, you can walk past the stares with a friendly smile...not smart-ass smile...friendly smile with a hello.

I think for helping with the fear, you can also think about what you're afraid of happening. Then, train for it. I have found that to make me feel good also.

It wasn't long ago that I'd say you should fight him and I'd give a list of 'macho' reasons that you 'must' do so. If you want to be scum, have at it. Believe me, this guy will get his. There's plenty of idiots like myself who at some point in our lives need to drag each other down to learn a lesson. Spare yourself the loss.
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