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Rod Yabut
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Re: Heir apparents to shihans

Michael Gallagher wrote:
If you want to go to a Waite Sensei seminar, for example, then go! Whether he ends up running New York Aikikai after Yamada Sensei dies or not doesn't matter.

I was hoping to have a light conversation here as you would when you have a beer after a hard practice in the dojo rather than a the proverbial aikido thread lecture of "just practice, don't worry about anything else". Michael, with all due respect, I don't worry about who's next in line...I was just wondering what thoughts were of other aikidoka regarding it within their respective associations. My statement on alterior motive was meant to lighten the topic, but it looks like it made worse!

i guess i take this lighter than most people...

**Handing you a cold beer**

Just talking here...

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