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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
[re wrist rotation] Looks like Erick is not responding this one... so I'll take a stab (no pun intended).
if you know how to form the connection at will, you don't really need to rotate your wrists, which is what Kuribayashi may be possibly showing. Hard to tell without seeing what he's I'm just guessing here...
I don't disagree. The wrist rotation commonly taught is the easiest way to allow people to visualize and feel it. It is by no means the only way. It can be done with a wrist turn out, in up or down, an arm cut down, a cut across (in or out), diagonals and many more. When a well understood kokyu path gets good, there really is no more than a twitch of adjusting the connection and away we go. Small motons barely seem like even one shake of a tekubi furi.
I'd have to see it. Kuribayashi maybe doing the double inward gather motion then cutting slightly out, and it is done all with the palms flat. It is hard to see any motion, and the grab looks still very strongly connected, but is in fact very precarious, because this allows free entry up the undefended middle.
Ignatius Teo wrote:
I'm not sure if Erick is meaning "spiral" when he's talking about rotation. IMHO, the spiral is an adjunct to add power, which I think is above the "baseline" we're talking about.
No. I am merely observing the motion of the limb segments in proper kokyu and describing their motion. It is not a measn of power generation perse, but the motion that occurs in both low and high energy kokyu movement.


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