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Re: Baseline skillset

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
Erick, you're still insisting that kokyu tanden ho is about wrist rotation. How do you account for the kokyu tanden ho of Kuribayashi shihan, where there is no wrist rotation to speak of? His hands are extended palm down and they dont rotate.
Looks like Erick is not responding this one... so I'll take a stab (no pun intended).

IMO, the wrist "rotation" is the result of what sometimes happens as you try to get the right "line" to uke's center. Particularly if you're trying to form tegatana from palms down - you have to rotate the wrist outwards. BUT... if you know how to form the connection at will, you don't really need to rotate your wrists, which is what Kuribayashi may be possibly showing. Hard to tell without seeing what he's I'm just guessing here...

I'm not sure if Erick is meaning "spiral" when he's talking about rotation. IMHO, the spiral is an adjunct to add power, which I think is above the "baseline" we're talking about.

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