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Re: Heir apparents to shihans

In the business world, they do something called "succession planning". AAA lost Toyoda sensei suddenly at a young age. There was considerable in fighting going on as to who should be the chief instructor following his death with several senior students bolting. Then there was more intrigue when the chief instructor following Toyoda was let go after about a year with the result being more dojos defecting.

Succession planning could have made this less damaging to the organization. With many top shihans getting on in years those that have organizations would be better served by designating shihan-dai and establishing an heir apparent. Unless this is done by a board of directors. With communications it is possible to avoid a big fallout. In some organizations the heir apparent may be obvious. ASU has 2 shihan one much younger. In others, that may not be so apparent except maybe new 7th dans and shihans some being the first-possibly seniority.
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