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Re: Names of aikido techniques- how did they arise

Originally posted by bujin
Hi there,
everybody knows that e.g. "shiho nage" means "a throw in four directions", "tenchi nage"- "a throw of heaven and earth" etc. My question is: did O'sensei name all the techniques or did several names appear by chance in another way?


Hello Juliusz,

When visiting shihans come down here from the Aikikai Hombu, it has fallen to me to take them out to dinner after training and entertain them. I usually do this by asking them questions that my Japanese colleagues could not, or would not, ask.

So I once asked Tada Hiroshi Sensei this very question and he answered that the Founder did not use names for the techniques. He simply showed them and the deshi themselves thought of names (more descriptive terms, as Jim Vance suggests) as a memory aid. Other teachers who studied under O Sensei said the same thing.

The change from the 'Ikkajo', 'nikajo' of Daito-ryu and O Sensei's aiki-budo of the Kabukan years was postwar. 'Ikkyo', 'nikyo' etc, appear in "Aikido", by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, first published in the late fifties, I think. But these names are always accompanied by descriptions.


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