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Re: Baseline skillset

I absolutely agree that "netdo" ain't gonna work. Hands on transmission is really the only thing that does. As some have already pointed out above though, the exploration and description of this stuff is an important way of opening up doors for people. If it wasn't for some of the stuff I have experienced firsthand over the last year or so, I'd probably still be doing the same thing I always have. However, Ive gleaned a lot from reading all of the posts from "Aikido outsiders" over the past few months. Not only has it broadened my horizons intellectually, it has also given me a lot of direction of where to go to at least start finding some of what I have been missing. Maybe I'm the exception to the rule, I don't know. I do know that it is important that in order to improve ourselves and advance our art information is needed...information that at this point is not only hard to find, but doesn't even exists in many practitioner's minds. I think that "netdo" can definitely be a tool to change that, and I appreciated the time and effort that goes into the dissemination of this kind of info. For me, its brought me to the point where I'm actively going out to get the "hands-on", maybe it will do the same for others, and the level of everyone understanding can leap up a notch.
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