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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I also laugh at the idea of this being a shortcut...everything credible that I've heard says it's not. A better way perhaps. Focusing in on this is probably better than waiting for 20 years to really get started. But a shortcut? I think not.
I agree (you guys all posted, just as I was essentially saying the same thing). The point I'd make is that the main purpose (IMO) all these internet debates have is to alert many in the upcoming generation that there is something very important they need to get information on. That's it. Anything above that is gravy. I usually write with the intention of providing an earlier me (the one who couldn't get any information even though I knew there was something important there) with the clues of where to go. Convincing an experienced martial-artist of *any style* (not just Aikido) that he needs to totally recoordinate his movement patterns is danged hard to do... for him/her to actually do it is even harder. I already knew that coming in, so the idea of "shortcuts" I'd forego for "hints".


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