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Re: Baseline skillset

If only it were that simple. After all some of us are already at least Shihans in Netdo, the amount of finger time we put into expressing our views. Not able to stay out of it, more fool me, I would say that it is virtually impossible to learn internal exercises through reading other people's descriptions. It is already incredibly hard if you find a genuine teacher. No disrespect to Mike but I have great doubt in shortcuts through explanation, my experience tells me different. Of course I may be a poor learner so my opinions are a bit biased. I watched films of Ark before I trained with him, it looked fairly obvious, but oh dear, its not.
I know many of us feel that its not fair if we don't have access to a teacher, but hey, we've got the Net. Pretty soon we can all sound like we know what we are talking about, but honestly after 30 years of training in different MA I've only felt a handful of people who made me think there was anything more going on than good bio-mechanics. Of those only a couple who could really give me some explanation, but whatever I got was skin to skin first and then mind to mind. I'm old fashioned, I still believe that body training requires body contact.

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