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Re: Baseline skillset

For the moment there seems to be the idea that the how of aikido can be separated from the what of aikido. And if I'm not mistaken, you take the more holistic approach wherein the how is embedded in the what, and therefore it becomes quite difficult to discuss one surface of a two surface slice of bread. Fair enough.

Mike, forgive me if I'm off base, but what I seem to be hearing from you is that the underlying how of aikido can be taught an easier way. And once this how of aikido is learned, it can be carried over to every technique, thus saving us all a couple of decades of frustration and mat time.
Now we're talkin'. My hope when this thread was started was that the fundamental things (the "Kiso" as Gernot wrote) is what would be discussed. I would like to see Mike and some of the others that practice these things maybe write up a description of what precisely they think should be practiced (or point us to someplace where a description can be found that they've already written). Then we can discuss and clarify those actual things. Of course the problem is the usual digression that these threads tend to follow. Mike,or Dan, or John (who has actually already started a thread with some specific descriptions of what he does, etc.) whattdya think? How about submitting an article to Jun? Personally, I would like to see Mike have a continuing column. I know not everyone here agrees with what he and others always say, but the discussion of such an article could give the venue for all of that; while the column(s) itself could give an opportunity for the writer to get ac cross descriptions and ideas without the continual interruption of personal attacks and digressions for the sake of digression. Take some of the argument out of it, so that we can just read the info. Of course here I am pulling the thread off topic, sorry.

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