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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
Yes I know it's is kihon and I know it will be called waza
I think it would judicious to separate the kihon from kihon waza... literally... kihon precedes waza (whether it's kihon or oyo or what-have-you waza). Kihon is fundamental bodyskills - the "mechanics" if you like - that is used to power waza.

The feel of that placement, of the liveness of connection at that place and a rudimentary sense of what roads are open to you from that point are part of my understanding of basic skills.
Well, you're still really talking about the finer points of technical application - in kihon waza... a basic skill perhaps, in applying technique, but very different to the "baseline skills" we're talking about....IMO.

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