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Peter Savill
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Yoshinkan and knees

I am currently not able to train due to a tendon injury to my right knee and have been training in yoshinkan aikido for almost 6mths. Some 10yrs ago I trained in another style of aikido for 9mths with no knee problems.

I am now trying to look at what I have been doing with my knees to trigger the current problem and have been discussing some biomechanical principles with a physiotherapist. I have looked at the kihon dosa and wondered if repeated practice has caused my injury. It may of course be that my knees are just 10yrs older but I do have an underlying tendency to patella tendonitis which did not surface during previous aikido practice but has with yoshinkan. I am loathe to abandon this style as it is what I have been looking for in aikido and I am very happy with the dojo set-up and quality of teaching.

I have looked at some of the excellent old threads on knee injuries and find the quality of postings on aikiweb in general to be excellent and am therefore hopeful that you can share some thoughts on whether or not yoshinkan places more stress on the knees than other styles of aikido and if so what [if anything] can be done to minimise this?

Best wishes
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