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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Well Moses, (and everyone else in the peanut gallery), do feel free to post what you consider to be "baseline skills" for Aikido and why ....
This forum is a place for intellectual sharing but also intellectual challenge, not to give an easy comfort in established assumptions of knowledge. It is always easier to persuade the willing follower on facts provided, than to persuade the critical mind on facts disputed. Everything has to be vetted in training, but ideas have their own power and relevance, and their own modes of conflict and resolution.

In a forum on an art about conflict and its resolution, any set of ideas is subject to challenge. Any idea or set of ideas that simply departs the field of inquiry does not end the conflict in the sense that Aikido strives to do, by reconciling the conflict. Avoidance is not aikido. Any advocate of an idea ought to accept and indeed welcome such challenge, as long as it is both honorably and appropriately stated -- even mocking silliness may be honorable if properly done. Anybody seen the Daily Show lately?

Aikido does not shrink from conflict, but neither does it relish in it for its own sake. Foundational ideas we have gleaned in coming along our own path that give us comfort in our ordinary training should be a safety net for more precarious explorations, not a hammock to recline in. But, just as foundational ideas are not sacrosanct from challenge, novel approaches, or even novel application of old concepts from other disciplines to new areas are equally subject to challenge. All ideas are potentially useful but usefulness is circumstantial, and may reasonably be questioned, if a sound basis for questions is given.


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