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"The English Patient" was mature, layered, and sophisticated. It presented reality in shades of gray. It was an overwhelming popular success.

Why is it assumed that martial arts movies have to be trash--yes I mean Seagal*--to play in Peoria?

(Chanel surfing, I heard his name mentioned on Howard Stern's show and stopped for a listen. It seems a Stern interviewer had ambushed Take-san, and asked him some inane questions which, subject to the vagaries of memory, I relate below:

HSI: Can you beat up Jackie Chan?
SS: You should ask him.

HSI: How come none of your movies have won an Oscar?
SS: (snort) Because they're sh**!

HSI: Is it true you've settled out of court on sexual harrassment cases?
SS: What is this?! Who are you?

HSI: I'm from the Howard Stern show.
SS: Oh, no wonder!

Howard Stern: Wait a minute. What did he mean by that?)

Don J. Modesto
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