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Re: Article: Restoring Harmony by Ross Robertson

Joshua Reyer wrote:
Let's look at those a little more closely....
A careful post and one I benefit by. Thank you.

I have a question, though.

I took the term "aiki" very analytically once, as have you here. I asked Stanley Pranin at a seminar if "aikido" couldn't be translated as "the way of taking balance" (taking the compound "aiki" in the way DR's Kondo defines it as taking balance.) Stanley didn't quite harumph, but he didn't appreciate the irony, either. Osensei plainly meant "harmony" is his mind.

Ultimately, we could just be arguing angels on a pinhead. Ueshiba indulged in esoteric discourse, much of which consists of punning and the like. It could very well have all these meanings for him.

Interested in your comment and thanks again for the excellent post.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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