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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
....You're worried about the forces that arise from manipulating those joints. The "internal strength" aspects are more concerned with the connective tensions that unite the whole structure (in addition to the force manipulations I've mentioned, which are sort of analogous to struts within the tensegrity frame which are moved at will)..... And it gets more complicated because the body has to learn to move with this dependence on the cohesiveness of the "connection" of the body and also on the mind's ability to learn how to move with the addition of the mind-willed force vectors...
I've added emphasis to Mike's points above, to highlight the key (no pun intended) idea in what to look for in developing the baseline skills we are discussing.

The basic thrust of the baseline exercises is to connect your body in various ways, using this idea of the body as a tensegrity structure - i.e. the long bones are the struts, and the sinews, tendons and connective tissue being the elastic tensioning "device" that holds the struts together.

Granted, it is a simplistic (and perhaps imperfect) model, but it may help illustrate what is currently being discussed.... in simple terms.

It may also go toward explaining why some of us consider Erick's joint rotation model to be off-base in many ways...

How does that song go? The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the shin bone, the shin bone is connected to the knee bone.... Sure, they might be connected at the joint, BUT the joint is merely the point of articulation.... something else happens first before the joint can articulate.

Instead, consider.... What makes the long bones move? What causes the body to stabilize itself? What happens when the body is under load or acted upon by a (linear) external force? What difference is there, if any, if the body is relaxed/tensed in that circumstance? How do you redistribute the load/force on your body so as not to stress it structurally? How does the "unbendable arm" thing REALLY work?

Don't take anybody's word for it...mine, Mike's, Erick's, or some 7th dan shihan...

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