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Re: Favorite woods

Originally posted by thomson
Just curious what type of wood (or composite) everyone out there prefers for their weapons and why. Myself, I don't have any experience with anything other that Red Oak, being so new to aikido. Exotic hardwoods are of special interest to me, so I thought I throw it out there for people to comment on.

Hi Mike,

I like white oak for bokken/jo used for suburi only. Looks nice ? is easy to maintain. But weapons used during kumi-tachi/kumi-jo I go with Chinese Waxwood. Solid, heavy, does not fracture when it finally does break, but instead it splits and stays in one piece due to its fiberous interior (kinda like a stock of celery). I'd put it a notch above hickory in it's ability to take impact.

If you want to read more about Chinese Waxwood, go to:
-go to the 'Specialty Item' section, then go to the section on 'Chinese White Waxwood Staffs', there you can read a review on it.


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