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Originally posted by Sherman Byas It is known that O-Sensei studied the yari, or spear of Hozoin Ryu, which bears some resemblance to Aiki-jo,
Well I spent a whole morning training with the Hozoin Ryu boys in Nara and although there is no way you can say I saw it all several things come to mind.

Those yari are long - up to 12 feet.

The main stance as my suffering thighs learnt was very much like a horse stance.

A lot of thrusting and counter with the tip, especially with the cross blade.

With that cross-blade there was some nasty cutting action on the back-pull.

I really do not see the connection between Aiki-Jo and Hozoin Ryu but like I said my experience with both is limited.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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