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Originally posted by mj
This is a strange one.
Many people have concern of dizziness when practising rolls, but when doing rolls repeatedly during practice,ie waza, it never seems to be a problem.

No-one ever seems to get dizzy when it is 'real', only when it is just roll after roll.
This is again due to stimulation of the semicircular canals, which I think are the true culprit in rolling dizziness (as opposed to not breathing and/or hyperventilating lightheadedness).

When you are practicing rolls, the ones that tend to make folks dizzy are prolonged rolling one side only. When you are training, one usually alternates sides, and the time and movement of doing the technique is interspersed between the actual roll, disrupting the continuous movement of fluid in the semicircular canal. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a paper in this
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