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I would be careful of getting into a habit of holding your breath during rolls since it may result in a winding if you are thrown hard (you need to breath out when thrown).

If you've seen those ballerinas that spin around rapidly (horizontal circles), the way they stop getting dizzy is focusing on one point on the wall, then turning their head quickly round to focus back on that point.

At the moment you are using your ears for balance (which is normal) - you need to stop doing that and get your body more dependent on your sight.

When you roll look forwards in the direction you are going to roll, then tuck your head in (as normal) and then on rising, look forwards towards the same point. Roll many, many times until you feel dizzy. Practise this until you stop feeling dizzy (if this doesn't occur you may have a medical condition!).

Anyone who has spent a long time (weeks) on a boat will know that you get over the wobbling both on land and at sea because your sense of balance gets turned off.

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