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Re: The Principles of Aikido

Mark Freeman wrote:
Hi Michael,

as far as I am aware Tohei's 4 priciples/rules for "co-ordination of mind and body" (not aikido) were:-

1. Keep one point
2. Relax completely
3. Weight underside
4. Extend your mind

Ki Society members please confirm/correct if this is/not the case, cheers.


Four Basic Principles
  1. Keep One Point.
  2. Relax Completely.
  3. Weight is underside
  4. Extend Ki. (Ki is extended)
Extend Ki was modified because Extend Ki indicated that ki extension was an action. The thinking at the Ki Society Hdqrs. is that ki extension is something that is - a state of being, rather than something you do. Therefore you always extend Ki.

If you want principles for Aikido:

Five Principles of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Ki Aikido)
  1. Ki is extending.
  2. Know your opponent's mind.
  3. Respect your opponent's Ki.
  4. Put yourself in your opponent's place.
  5. Lead with confidence.

If you want to verify Ki Society principles, just look at Ki Society Principles on AikiWeb. If you want to check out other principles from other styles just look at Aikido Principles on AikiWeb in the AikiWiki section.

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