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Mike Galante
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Cool Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Trevor Wolfe wrote:
Lately when in deep Ki mediation, when I finally come to, my body reacts in a quick spasm like someone just jabbed me with a high voltage wire. This is strange, I am wondering why this happens. I believe it must have something to do with coming out of that deep a meditative relaxed state. Does anyone else get this effect?
That's because you just charged your inner battery with high voltage energy. Be aware of your spine during zazen and when the energy expands in Tanden, let it flow up the spine (kundalini) to the top of the head where you leave it to "marinate" over time and ripen into cosmic consciousness in the crown chakra.
Ueshiba had a higher consciousness and spoke of uniting heaven and earth. So the upper centers must be opened too in order to achieve this.
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