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Originally posted by ca
But this forum is not discussing Miss Cleo's advice, it is discussing Aikido.
Sigh! And it provides such a good example of the obvious.

Disrespect is compounded by prejudice if that statement is not based on actually training in that dojo and meeting the students, but just on a belief that all students of a particular style are Fruit Loops. If you are offended that they have Aiki in their name, keep in mind O Sensei was not the first to use the word, either.
Well, what happens when the Neptunian's don't show and the whole dojo commits suicide over it? Are we going to all associate our Aikido with them?

Yes, they did indeed do Aikido. Well, yes, yes of course it was good Aikido. All Aikido is good Aikido. Well, no we don't advocate suicide as a normal practice but it was good aikido all the same. I mean they didn't exactly blend but they didn't really resist either.... Blah! Blah! Blah!

We may not call them fruit loops but we are going to run from them towards the nearest thing we can find to differentiate ourselves from them.

Nothing is gained by tearing down different styles on this forum.
Did I advocate that? The point being made is that all Aikido is not good Aikido. That is all! But it seems as if that is a statement which is not allowed. Besides, we would miss out on our monthly posting of "Competition sucks! Tomiki Aikido sucks!" if we did that.

We've seen examples here of bad Aikido where teachers had fraudulent lineage. What about them? Or, when someone writes say a truly atrocious book and calls it Aikido should I sit back and say "must be good Aikido."

By the way, the reverse actually happens. Often when someone is proven fraudulent or that their idea didn't work their followers or supporters go into rationalization mode. "I couldn't be that stupid", they think, and so they rationalize some answer to support their beliefs. Often they become even more entrenched. Human psychology is a very interesting thing.

One last thing. Prejudice will always exist. It's a good thing in certain cases, and much less so in others. It depends on where and how it's applied which, admittedly, is the tricky part.
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