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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
You're still confusing the tactics and strategies of Aikido with the basic, core movement skills called "ki".
Again with the nominal and substitutionary arguments, instead of addressing the essential core of the art of "aikido" -- "Aikido" -- "Spirit in accord with the Way" -- opposes nothing, but prevails over everything. I could go on -- but you get the point.
Mike Sigman wrote:
[re: non-resistance] This is just foolishness. There are plenty of videos showing Ueshiba and many other shihans showing the correct usage of kokyu/ki power with a static pose.
Insulting the fact will not make it different. Non-resistance is the name of the game of aikido- I am hardly alone or even remarkable in this assertion. Relatively static or relatively dynamic kihon waza has nothing to do with non-resistance. Master Sum was not static, his dynamics were simply very small.
Mike Sigman wrote:
"No kokyu, no Aikido."
Yah. So? No air -- no aeroplanes.
Mike Sigman wrote:
No one has said Tenkan is not a basic tactic of Aikido... it is simply not that core skillset that is in *every* movement of Aikido.
Not tactic. That is your mistake. Irimi/tenkan is one principle of ki that is expressed in body movement -- extension and centering, entering and turning. The spiral magatama jewel is its image.

Musubi is a priniciple of ki that is expressed in joining things and moments together as one. The sacred mirror is its image.

Kokyu is a principle of ki that is expressed in differentiating space, positive and negative, and cutting the passage of the present into "now" and "then" . It is the sword that kills or saves --

And there we are back to irimi/tenkan again.

Ki is a varied and many splendored thing, and everthing that exists has the measure and quality of ki that is proper to it. The ki of the mouse is not the same as the ki of the elephant -- although the principles of its operation are the same in their respective contexts. Ki does not exist in a vacuum but in a concrete context.

Opposition is not the ki, the spirit, of aikido. It is not "Aikido" the "Spirit in accord with the Way" in a larger sense either. There are lots of other schools of thought in China, so this is not by any means meant to be a demeaning statement on principled oppositional approahces. Opposition may be an aspect of the ki of yiquan, and on that I defer wholeheartedly, if that is your position.


Erick Mead
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