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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
Irimi/tenkan, is a principle of tai sabaki (body movement) -- not a technique,
Tai sabaki can be done with or without ki-skills, just as a Tai Chi form can be done with or without qi-skills. You're still confusing the tactics and strategies of Aikido with the basic, core movement skills called "ki". Tai Chi (Taiji) without qi skills is not really Tai Chi. Aikido without the ki skills, those "baseline" skills we're discussing in this thread, is not Aikido. You can find reference to this sentiment/judgement in many places and in a number of the interviews on Aikido Journal. As Ushiro Sensei bluntly put it (you know, the teacher Ikeda is bringing in to shed light on these baseline skills???), "No kokyu, no Aikido."
Argue with him if you feel that irimi/tenkan is NOT in the basic skillset of aikido.
No one has said Tenkan is not a basic tactic of Aikido... it is simply not that core skillset that is in *every* movement of Aikido. The baseline skillset we're talking about is in *every* movement of Aikido at *all times*.
Resistance. It is my only real issue with you, and it is also consistent throughout all of your threads on these topics. Your stated training regimen consistently relies on it.
This is just foolishness. There are plenty of videos showing Ueshiba and many other shihans showing the correct usage of kokyu/ki power with a static pose. "This is the way correct power should feel". The core strength, the "ki", preceeds the basic tactics and strategies. The tactics and strategies, like Tai Sabaki, Irimi, and others are incorrect if not done with the baseline skills.
Aikido "absolutely" does not. I have learned to do it that way, have done it successfully, teach it that way with moderate success and the supprot of MY teacher, and had it done to me since I started this road. And I know this also because the Founder put it in those terms "We adhere to the principle of absolute non-resistance, that is to say, we do not oppose the attacker."
Well, if you think that your missing the point goes unnoticed, more power to you.


Mike Sigman
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