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Calling Miss Cleo a fraud does nothing towards stopping those who would give her money from doing so; putting her in jail/shutting her down stops her from harming others, if that is what she does.

But this forum is not discussing Miss Cleo's advice, it is discussing Aikido. The fact that she may be dishonest does not in any way lessen the disrespect you show a style different from yours by refering to it's students as Fruit Loops (which again, if that is how you refer to your own style, then fine, I stand corrected, but it sounds disrespectful to me). Disrespect is compounded by prejudice if that statement is not based on actually training in that dojo and meeting the students, but just on a belief that all students of a particular style are Fruit Loops. If you are offended that they have Aiki in their name, keep in mind O Sensei was not the first to use the word, either.

Nothing is gained by tearing down different styles on this forum. If you are proud of what you do, start a thread and tell everyone. Your particular style is not diminished because there are others out there, and it is not enhanced when you ridicule them.
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