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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
Your comments on *technique* are once again off the issue of the basic skills training.
Irimi/tenkan, is a principle of tai sabaki (body movement) -- not a technique, according to Saotome Shihan. Argue with him if you feel that irimi/tenkan is NOT in the basic skillset of aikido. Ikeda Shihan is pretty close to you out there, ask him. He does irimi tenkan practice fairly routinely in seminars, and from my reports as fairly regular dojo training. I know he can drop me and anybody I have practiced with kokyu tanden ho and barely twitching to do it. While I do this tolerably well, I can but faintly dream of developing that principle of action to that degree.
Mike Sigman wrote:
If you knew how to do these basic skills of Aikido, you wouldn't be constantly missing the point, Erick.... all this stuff would be obvious and you wouldn't be trying to make such and issue when there is no issue.
Predictably, I find things in the body of mainstream Aikido teaching that contradict your pet project and you call me names rather than try to explain the contradictions. Quit the playground sniping, Mike, and address the issue. Resistance. It is my only real issue with you, and it is also consistent throughout all of your threads on these topics. Your stated training regimen consistently relies on it.

Aikido "absolutely" does not. I have learned to do it that way, have done it successfully, teach it that way with moderate success and the supprot of MY teacher, and had it done to me since I started this road. And I know this also because the Founder put it in those terms "We adhere to the principle of absolute non-resistance, that is to say, we do not oppose the attacker."

What you are advocating involves resistance as a first premise and it is very problematic as training for aikido.

How do you reconcile that in regards to aikido, not as you wish to reconstruct it, but as it is?


Erick Mead
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