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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Baseline skillset

I'm jealous of the time you spent with those teachers, even though I'm quite happy with my time spent with my own.

I find it very problematic (as you said, earlier) that there is a strong element of resistance in this training regimen, which when posited in a sense of "basics" is, was and remains very troubling to see advocated as a foundation in aikido.
I'm sorry...I don't quite remember saying that. Perhaps you could refresh my memory? I do things in keiko in Doshinkan Aikido that I would not do in a purely martial encounter. Our training has quite a number of wrist grabs, for instance...but my teacher's very words about a martial encounter were "never let anyone grab you". In Daito ryu and Aikido, we practice ushiro waza. I'm sure neither you nor I are about to let any attacker behind us...period.

Keiko is one thing...Tanren is another...fighting yet a third thing...Aikido may or may not contain various portions of these or other things...depending on what floats your particular boat. That's without even mentioning our teachers' boats...


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