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Re: Baseline skillset

Ron Tisdale wrote:
a) understood, and thanks.

b) quite possibly. But as I said earlier, these things are often more complicated than the quick (cough) treatment given here. And a whole other discussion would be training methods to build a particular skill set, and then how that skill set is integrated into the total martial package.
Resistance is the stubborn thing that I had beaten out me with some loving care, to my eternal gratitude in performance of technique. Bernice Sensei did it gently; and short though my time with Chiba Sensei was -- not so much ... And he had mellowed, by all reports. I deeply appreciated the opportunity to learn not to resist Chiba Sensei, and most especially he helped to improve my kokyu tanden ho for that reason, which is basically in the neighborhood of what we are discussing.

I find it very problematic (as you said, earlier) that there is a strong element of resistance in this training regimen, which when posited in a sense of "basics" is, was and remains very troubling to see advocated as a foundation in aikido.


Erick Mead
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