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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
Read it again, Erick. I stated the above as a training exercise on the road to being able to sustain a push to the chest when the feet are more or less parallel (a "natural stance"). You're stating that somehow I'm "contradicting Shioda" in something quite different. OK, I've pointed it out twice now. Do you get the point?
Rather than criticise further let me pose a question. Since in a "natural" parallel stance, the feet are carried directly under the body there is no "back leg" --- What are you talking about?

To make clear my position, in a natural parallel stance, with the feet underneath me and a centerline chest push I turn into and enter toward the pusher with weight on the ball of the big toe of the foot on the hip that is entering, as Shioda and Saito seem to suggest. The push is not making direct connection with my center, and I do not have to "ground" any force other than my own weight.

You seem to suggest that you would weight the foot on the side that is turning way from the push, to "ground it" or not turn at all, in which case there is no "back leg" at all, and you are directly connecting your center to oppose his force with the ground resistance. Have I got it as you intend it?


Erick Mead
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