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Re: Baseline skillset

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Whoa...wait a minute. If you have an issue with Mike, leave me out of it...go with your own thoughts there, please.
I am simply pointing out that Mike's contetnion that my opinions on the front (irmir) leg centering are somehow outlandish is contradicted without even departing the thread. I do not mean to put words in your mouth or suggest, in any way, your support for anything else I may address that you have not expressly agreed with.
Ron Tisdale wrote:
I know plenty of high ranked instructors in various lineages that keep the weight back in aikido...I was just discussing Shioda Sensei and the Yoshinkan.
But, given my example of a rear irimi leg centering in at least one technique, do they really differ if you consider where the readiness for the irimi is focussed at a given point? Each initial choice of kamae (hanmi or squared-front) in movement typically passes through the other at some point of most techniques. The choice of a starting position may simply be an arbitrary training choice for consistency sake. Degrees of emphasis for training purposes more than anything, I think.


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