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But what you consider bad could very well by a more experienced person,
Or it could really be BAD but alas we're not allowed to evaluate and think are we? By the way, that is an A-grade cop out.

or by a vast majority of people, be considered good.
Which does not presuppose that they are correct.

Your criteria are for you. So unless you consider the kind of Aikido that you do makes you and your fellow students like Fruit Loops on a mat, then it is disrespectful to say another's is.
John Edwards keeps filling up the studio and has what some would call a successful program. Supposedly he talks to dead people but frankly he's a fraud, and not even very good at what he does, capitalizing on people when they are at their weakest. I should be respectful of what he does? What exactly is respect in this case? I suspect that even if you laid out what he does in clinical terms many would find it disrespectful but making it clear to everyone does have a positive value. I wonder how Miss Cleo is doing now that she's gone high profile in a good kind of way in my opinion.

What about the guy selling a miracle cancer cure that has been proven to have no value whatsoever other than to the person selling it? Should we be respectful of them and allow them to peddle their snake oil? What if it's actually harmful to them or even to other's? A classic example are those folks that refuse to be immunized against certain diseases which not only puts them at risk but their children and others as well.

The classic operating design of respectful in these cases could get someone killed.

Or, is it somehow different when we walk into an Aikido dojo because it has the name on the door? I didn't know the word Aikido was a free pass.
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