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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
So now you're going to confuse my discussion about learning basics with doing this thing Raul is talking about. But notice... I didn't suggest any such thing.
Really??? You were fairly clear about grounding to the back foot in direct opposition to the incoming force -- contradicting what Shioda illustrated and what Saito teaches when you contend that the back foot should be grounding the force, several times, in fact:
Mike Sigman wrote:
OK, so taking a push into the chest ... Make sure the weight is fully on the back leg. A lot of Aikido people like to put the weight near the front foot and use the back leg as a "brace", but technically this is not a good way to develop central-balance. So the weight is over the back leg for this training exercise and the lower back *must* be relaxed ... he idea is to let the push to the chest compress Nage into the back leg... OK, so the idea is to let the push be held by the back leg/foot and keep the lower back relaxed.
... In fact, 100% of the push should be going into the ground at the back foot ... ... the ground flowing as purely as possible from the back foot to Uke's hand.
It is impossible to enter/turn around the push when the back leg has 100% of the force grounded out. Your only option is a direct push - up and out. Your exercise disables irimi/tenkan. How is that helpful to aikido?
Mike Sigman wrote:
... the problem is that you're teaching people this stuff you're making up.
Stick and stones, Mike. Find a useful argument with some support next time.

Not making up anything. Take issue with Shioda or Saito,if you don't like the statement of the primacy of centering or irimi/tenkan priniciples they have taught. Ron does not differ in his understanding on the same point of the centering power being on the front or irimi side -- from a wholly different lineage. I am applying what I was taught, and I teach what I was taught, which is aikido. I apply mechanics to further comprehend the fundamentals of it.


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