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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Back to the baseling stuff. Everything is going to be a function of the basic skills and how well someone can do them. If, for instance, someone is trying to do sudden-power releases like Shioda or Ueshiba and they don't have well-formed ability to take a push from all directions, etc., their power will reflect it. If someone wants to release power suddenly, but they never developed the body with drills like Akuzawa's (or other approaches), breathing, and "moving with the whole body" (like they do in the Ki-Society baseline), their power won't be well-formed either.

Sudden, crisp power is cool, but you should wait until you get the baseling skills going before you start worrying about "how to do" these more advanced things. It's not fully so much "how to do" but "how well your body has developed the new skills" that is important.

I'm watching people write about the "spring in the knee", for instance, in the Big Toe Discussion, and there's a way to train and condition the leg which is far different from what people are thinking about in the way they're mentioning the spring of the knee. It takes a while to train the body (including the knee area) to do some of these things the way they're meant to be done, so we probably should be talking more about the baseline skills since they're the road to most of these skills, not just "how do you do that trick?".


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