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Re: Baseline skillset

I have *some* experience with Kokikai, Iwama, ASU, Mainline Daito ryu and independants in Aikido and Daito ryu. My main exposure is to Doshinkan aikido as taught by Yukio Utada. While an IYAF dojo, there is more diversity in the Yoshinkai than some might think.
I left out USAF both Eastern and what was Western regions. As well as the tradition from Yamaguchi Sensei as taught through the AKI.

Mr. S (Staphane? I never get his name correct unless I'm looking at it) makes a good point about having too wide a base of instructors...each even within a style has a specific path in mind...mix and match can get very complicated, and completely miss the point, as well as leave gaping holes for the development of openings.

It's one reason to be very carefull with what you do where...and one reason it would be good for an understanding of this topic. You could then shape your training in this "baseline stuff" around the specific methods appropriate for your teacher's path.


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