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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
Shioda explained it and illustrated it as shown below. He said the big toe was the key to centering power (chushin ryoku) which is the necessary prerequisite for focussed power (shuchu ryoku) or breath power (kokyu ryoku).

Mike suggested: Mike thus advocates in his "basic skillset" exercise precisely the reverse of what Shioda was talking about with the Big Toe chushin power, which is on the front (irimi) leg.
So now you're going to confuse my discussion about learning basics with doing this thing Raul is talking about.
He makes clear in the the illustration and text of "Dynamic Aikido" (p. 82) the centering power in the big toe is on the forward foot in the direction of the irimi, NOT in the rear "grounding" footand in the direction opposite the irimi of the technique, which as Mike suggests, is directly in-line with the attacking force .
But notice... I didn't suggest any such thing. Your problem is that you're trying to critique something, once again, about which you don't have a clue, Erick.
Most importantly it is performed (as Shioda illustrates) without any significant rear leg spring or push (as Mike suggests). It is a motion of the whole body (weight transfer - taijuuido) pivoting dropping (slightly) forward and then rising to center itself over the forward ball of the big toe. The rear leg merely travels sliding along the ground.
You're teaching students this and you somehow think it's what Shioda was referring to? Your real problem is that you interpret everything in terms of what you already know, assuming that it is impossible for there to be anything you don't know. You're pretty far off. Which, as I've mentioned, is your business.... the problem is that you're teaching people this stuff you're making up.


Mike sigman
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