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Re: Baseline skillset

Absolute minimum skill set for our dojo:

1. good bokken cutting (to develop ability to drop weight properly and to direct power through hands using hips)

2. ikkyo (irimi & tenkan)

3. irimi-nage

I believe you can practise aikido fully, with just the above. If you want me to be more specific about the 'skills', I'd say that's difficult. Really the techniques are there to develop the skills (rather than being an end in themselves). Don't want to do into the fundamentals of balance, extension etc... (as been done before).


P.S. dynamic is a really interesting word. A previous sensei said to me years ago,'just be more dynamic' and instantly I was better ('till I forgot to be more dynamic!). I think it can be translated roughly as 'don't overthink it, just do what you want in a spontaneous and energetic way'. All this 'try to relax', 'use the one-point', 'drop your hips', 'imagine energy flow' I believe can actually stiffle the dynamism of aikido.

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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