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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
....., if I understand him correctly, seems to be that the developing of the "big toe dynamics" is a little outside of the area of baseline skills. Or else its too complicated to go into at this point.
Well it's one of those things that in order to understand what's happening, you'd have to already have acquired some jin/kokyu skills and some development of the "ki" structure in the sense of the fascia. If you haven't developed that latter all over the body, you can't get the full benefit of what he's talking about. There is a somewhat incomplete, but not too shabby treatement of this kind of power in Lam Kam Chuen's book "The Way of Power". He doesn't take the power train all the way to the big toe (IIRC), but he has the major elements laid out.

But even if you read it, if you haven't developed some of the body strengths through breathing, etc., the real light-bulb won't go on.


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