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Re: Baseline skillset

What Shioda says in Total Aikido. p 15, is: "The 'trick' to concentrated power is in the big toe. When we fix the big toe to the floor, power comes into the hips. To that power, you can then add the acceleration of the "spring" action of the knee. If the movements are done altogether, a very powerful force is developed. Because of this, developing the big toes through for example, kneeling techniques is very important."

So that was where I was coming from. Because of what Shioda wrote, I began to pay attention to the feeling during funekogi undo of my weight transferring from one big toe to the other. Over time it became possible to manifest some unexpected strength moving forward (eg, doing kaiten nage without stepping forward for the throw and just using the funekogi feeling to move uke) and more recently, backward.

I suppose my question is: am I completely deluded about this kind of movement meaning anything in terms of developing internal strength? Is this any part of what Shioda was referring to?

Thanks for your inputs above, Mike. Mike's answer, if I understand him correctly, seems to be that the developing of the "big toe dynamics" is a little outside of the area of baseline skills. Or else its too complicated to go into at this point.


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