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Re: Baseline skillset

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
There it is again, the "power comes from the big toe" idea that Shioda hinted at but didnt explain. Would you be willing to expound on that a little further now, Mike, or would it be too far from the theme of baseline skills?

I'm just rambling here and have no clue about it ... but ...

If you want to physically affect someone's balance, one of the easiest ways is to move them out over their little toe. It has the least strength and the way the feet are shaped, it doesn't have a corner to allow for strength. Rather, it sort of rolls.

So, in opposite, the big toe has the strength. If you physically want to affect balance, you do not go out over the big toe. Also, the big toe is sort of the point of a triangle in your feet. (Hmmm ... can this be the triangle from circle, square, triangle that Ueshiba talked about?)

You could view the big toe as being a connection point to the ground, I guess.

Anyway, just rambling ... I'm no expert in this by any means. Even my own inflated imagination.

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