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Statements with 'all' or 'never' or 'always' tend to be incorrect, as any college student will tell you...why I personally try to avoid them. What makes either statement prejudiced, however, is not the 'all' but the willingness to judge the Aikido as good or bad without actually 'meeting' it, based on preconcieved absolutes. A belief that one group or race makes great doctors or athletes is as prejudiced as believing another is lazy. Once you see 'those people' as individuals, you realize an 'all' statement cannot apply. So hopefully, you do not judge someone based on incorrect absolutes.

Some Aikido will be good for you, some bad for you. But what you consider bad could very well by a more experienced person, or by a vast majority of people, be considered good. Your criteria are for you. So unless you consider the kind of Aikido that you do makes you and your fellow students like Fruit Loops on a mat, then it is disrespectful to say another's is. And very possibly just as incorrect.

During my lifetime, it was said it was too dangerous for women to fly in fighters. It would be dangerous and foolish to even try. Scientists and doctors said it. Generals and congressmen said it. I was the third woman to 'fly' a full syllabus in the centrifuge at Brooks, and my hours in F-16s and F-15s were briefed before Congress during the debate that led to women in combat roles. Sometimes things that 'they' say are not true, but just plain stupid. Even very high ranking, senior people can be wrong.

Opening your mind to a style of Aikido other than your own, rather than laughing at it for no good reason, should not feel to you like jumping off the Golden Gate. Or in some ways it might be, but like jumping with wings.
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