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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
...I rely on the Second Law to balance the force equation, not with force against force, but allowing his force to accelerate my inertial mass about my center. Second Law : F=ma. That's what he wanted to do -- induce (severe) accceleration in my body. .......You are acting as horsehoe to the hammer of the blow and the anvil of the ground. You are communicating the resistance of the ground to the force of the blow - and you deform (strain energy) according to the limits of your structure. You are primarily limited by the strength of your structure in that interaction.
Yes, but we're talking about a baseline exercise to develop a baseline skill.... (i.e. strength of your structure).... a constant push is hardly acceleration.

The exercises that have been mentioned thus far, Mike's lunges, Ark's body axis, shiko, etc. are all related to this - developing structural strength and integrity, as part of the baseline skillset - i.e. body conditioning - using the same basic principles common to all Asian MAs.

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