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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Hello Dan,
Dan Harden wrote:
That example was offered to make a point. And though that happened in a room with witnesses-the players are private. Make of it what you will. I really don't care about your opinion, Jim.
What was the point? And how "private" is it if you bring it into a discussion on the web? And where did I offer an opinion?
Dan Harden wrote:
As for being "special?" Well, I have said over and over and over- there are many who "know this stuff" in various ways. This defies me being anything "special" at all. A point you continually miss.
I don't miss it at all --- that's why I said "Dan or someone like him."
Dan Harden wrote:
You have stated openly you only [emphasis added] want to learn from Aikido and it antecendents.
Would you please point out where I said that? Thanks.

By the way, how about answering the question you posed a while back:
Dan Harden wrote:
Last, why did I change my mind about helping [aikido and its practitioners]? Now that IS an interesting question

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