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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Hello Dan,
Dan Harden wrote:
As an aside I can say I saw the skills and body method I have been discussing being shown to a koryu teacher who had trained with Ueshiba. When the skills were being demonstrated and even being taught to the koryu adept. The Kory teacher stopped and said "Yes! This is Ueshiba's Aikido. They don't teach that anymore you know. Its not in modern aikido."
The thing is-the person demonstrating? Wasn't from Aikido.
That's a substantial "aside". As usual, I don't have answers, only questions:

1) When did you see this, and where?
2) Who was demonstrating the "skills and body method"?
3) What occurred in the demonstration?
3) Who was the "koryu teacher who had trained with Ueshiba"?
4) What was that teacher's art?
5) When did the koryu teacher train with Ueshiba, and for how long?
6) What else, if anything, did the koryu teacher say about the demonstration?
7) Would that koryu teacher be willing to participate directly in this and similar discussions?

Or is this just another case of:

1) Dan knows something special that we don't know.
2) Other people have said that what Dan has is special, but Dan can't reveal his sources because it's confidential.
3) We can't learn this except from Dan or someone like him.
4) We won't learn it in our own dojo.
5) Dan might show it to us, but only if we come to see him, and it will take a long time (if ever) for us to get it.


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