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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi


Not to put to fine a point on it...but taking falls has nothing at all to do with the central point here. It is learning to "stand" against all odds that is the "ukemi" Ueshiba was doing and that Ellis and I are talking about. Not learning to fall down better.
I would suggest reviewing this and the other similar threads about ukemi. Read the replies. There is profound lack of understanding of this central point. Further the "true believers" are so stuck, so mired, that all they can do is talk about how the teeny-tiny, and narrow, act or skill of better landing. Then how it helped them fall of a bicycle and land safely and relegate "ukemi" to that. For this reason they will never find Ueshiba's skills they are looking for.

As an aside I can say I saw the skills and body method I have been discussing being shown to a koryu teacher who had trained with Ueshiba. When the skills were being demonstrated and even being taught to the koryu adept. The Kory teacher stopped and said "Yes! This is Ueshiba's Aikido. They don't teach that anymore you know. Its not in modern aikido."
The thing is-the person demonstrating? Wasn't from Aikido.
There is an understanding of these things and a way to learn them, it goes beyond learning to fall down better. Modern AIkido is what it is. It is a seperate entity with a rationale all it own. Again I'd suggest to each person- are you doing what the old man was doing?
Are you even on the right track?
Continuing to think these skills are propietary to Aikido is a mistake. They are in many arts and can be used in Aikido, Daito ryu, Xing-I, Taiji and bagua. They are fundemental truths of the human body in balance and interplay.

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