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Originally posted by ca
And those that decide someone's Aikido is bad before experiencing it demonstrate prejudice, which is also incorrect.
All Aikido is bad!


All Aikido is good!

Which one is prejudice?

Those that merely repeat prejudiced views they've heard others before them say, without any attempt at evaluation, waste the mind they were given.
If I'm attempting to evaluate unbiasedly, then some Aikido is going to be bad Aikido and some Aikido is going to be good Aikido based on whatever my criteria are.

Those that refuse to experience things that are new, because it may be uncomfortable, never grow.
There's a big orange red bridge not too far from me. It would be a seriously new thing for me to jump off it mid-span. Rumor has it that the landing can be really uncomfortable. Honestly, I've never talked to anyone that has tried it, nor even someone who has seen someone try it. I guess I just have a bias against jumping off tall things or more accurately landing.

It's a growth opportunity which I'm going to pass on.

Hey! I want more smiley things and it won't let me use them. I've been restricted.
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