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Jonathan Lewis
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Re: Baseline skillset

Side topic but...
Mike Sigman wrote:
Most Taiji being taught to old folks is just choreography becoming a low-impact, low-aerobic exercise, John. There's a study that just came out saying that balance-specific exercises are better that tai chi. I agree with that.
I read the summary of that study too. I suspect that it is indeed the case, however there is a caveat. Most people are unlikely to do the balance-specific exercises for more than a very short time after PT appointments come to an end. Taiji, even taught as just a low-impact, low-aerobic exercise, with attendant exotic martial/philosophical fantasies, tends to keep people interested for far longer. This alone may usually make it a better recommendation for the purpose, any movement being better than no movement. (better yet, have them do the PT exercises then start taiji immediately afterwards.)
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