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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Michael Varin wrote:
I have a question regarding the martial effectiveness of these "baseline" skills and ki/kokyu demonstrations.

If you watch the footage of "Rendezvous with Adventure" when Tohei is taking on the cameraman it looks very different. Don't get me wrong I think Tohei handled the situation fairly well considering the 60+ lbs weight disadvantage, but he was facing an untrained individual and by no means had an easy time. The result was typical of a resistive engagement. This episode was filmed in 1958, so Tohei would have had 12-18 years of aikido and judo before that. I may lack the experience with the higher level of ki and kokyu practices to say for sure, but if these offer you such an advantage and are so visually impressive why did he not use this ability?
Hi Michael: I agree with you, so let me state that part first. On the other hand, this was way back in 1958 and they probably agreed to do this film because it was potentially their break into stardom if they didn't hack off these American Gaijin.

I've had another thought about Tohei at this time that is pure speculation....I don't think Tohei was all that powerful then. I also think that what became a top strategy for him was not fully developed, so that may have been a factor.

But basically, I agree with you.... he had way too hard a time with that out-of-shape American. I wouldn't have had such a hard time, I sez to myself.... but I would have to have been a lot rougher.... so maybe I'm wrong i my judgement.


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