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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Interesting topic.
In my area there has been a large push to address the issues of bullies and bullying. The direction I have taken is to promote the mindset that bullying is actually a sign of weakness. The bully never (rarely) picks on someone stronger than themselves. When this idea is presented to a classroom, they can begin to see that if bullying is truly weak, then bullies are weak, hopefully leading to, "do I need to be afraid of someone who is that weak?". The idea being to promote the classroom mentality, that if they all stand up to address the issue of bullying, they can control the bullies.
Basically, everyone wants to win or be a winner, I believe the secret is to teach what winning and real strength are. Is it that "strong" to pick on someone weaker than you. Of course this is just the baseline premise, but it has been well received in school systems here. I also tie in the principles of Aikido and how they can contribute to conflict and such.

My apologies for the lengthy post
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